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Intelligence Cycle

It orients the actions of gathering and process of information, with the object to integrate them in products of intelligence for the process of decision-making. It comprises the following step:

Ciclo de Inteligencia


The National Agenda of Risks and Threats of the National Security contained within the Law of National Security constitute the frame of reference in which priorities of the requirements of information of intelligence are established in its strategic, tactic and operative slopes, which are translated into gathering plans that detail the strategies to follow in each case.


During this stage, activities of information gathering are undertaken from diverse sources based on the requests formulated during the planning stage.

Process and Analysis

The information obtained in the stage of gathering is purified, standardized and, in each case, it is decoded with the purpose to present it in a useful format for the analytical work, whose purpose consists in transforming the raw data into intelligence strategic products, tactic or operative destined to specific users.

Since the multidisciplinary scope, the process of analysis needs the use of a great variety of specialized disciplines and methodologies which go from sociology, anthropology, psychology, demography, linguistic, economy, law, political science and international relations, geology, statistics, computer, biology, physics, chemist, among others.

An especially important aspect in the elaboration of the products of intelligence consists on the clarity with which the most important aspects are exposed, as well as to detect its scope and limitations.

Dissemination and Exploitation

The confidential character of the information of intelligence, as well as the importance to send it in time to all the indicate users, make this stage very important.

With the object to guarantee the safety of the information and avoid it from reaching the wrong hands, the products of intelligence are object to a series of security processes and measures with the purpose to avoid risks during its transfer and delivery. During this stage, as well, special attention is set so that information reaches the indicated users in time before it is too late for the decision-making processes.


A very important aspect for the intelligence cycle consists on determining the grade in which information of intelligence provided, addressed the needs of the processes of decision-making, or in each case, the users need to clarify or expand the information of a special issue. In consequence, starts the planning activities and allows starting once more the first stage of the intelligence cycle.


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