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Profile of Public Officials

They are trust workers according to the Employment Status ruled by the recruiting process, evaluation, formation, permanence and promotions, among others.

The personnel of the CISEN are distinguished because of their vocation service, for their commitment with the preservation of National Security and with the following values:







Respect for Legality

The main asset of the institution is its experimented human capital. The public officials of the CISEN are part of a professional body of public officials highly specialized in several disciplines and that participate in constant programs of training in order to provide the CISEN with the abilities and skills required to preserve the National Security. For this reason, in 2009, the Escuela de Inteligencia para la Seguridad Nacional (ESISEN), with the purpose to maximize training programs for the public officials of the Institute and the agencies which are part of the National Security Council.

The entry and permanence within CISEN depends on having approved the strict security controls, as well as the adequate, correspondence of the possible candidates to the defined profiles with detail to each position and office. CISEN consists of a committed work team, highly professional, with service vocation and discipline to produce intelligence that contributes to preserve National Security.

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Wednesday Jan 15, 2014